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Brady BBP35 & Accessories

Unprecedented capabilities for safety and facility identification

Safety, warnings, visual directions and clear equipment identification in the workplace is not only an OH&S requirement but simply, responsible business practices. The Brady BBP®35 Multicolor Sign and Label Printer brings advanced capabilities to create colourful visuals with impact to your desktop!

The BBP®35 is setting new standards in creating multi-coloured signs and labels that provide your staff with the information they require, quickly and easily.

Automatic set-up, a very fast 20 second material changeover and a print speed of 5 inches per second will have you signs and labels printed quickly and professionally. Connect to your PC or operate as a stand-alone printer on your bench, desk or workspace, the touchscreen and pre-set label templates in the BBP®35 mean just about anyone can operate the printer.

With a choice of 28 industrial grade label and ribbon materials, the BBP®35 is ideal for a wide range of applications in many industries – long-lasting identification for equipment and maintenance facilities, visual warnings and directions, safety signs that grab the attention, consistent and clear visuals for manufacturing and operations uses. The BBP®35 handles it quickly, easily and creatively!

At Express Printers, we know safety in the workplace is a top priority for our customers and we have the Brady BBP®35 available to assist you effectively create colourful identifiers across your workplace.


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